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Friends Only.

Comment to Join.

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me too... :)


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added? I want to be added so much!!...

Um.... added to what?

Re: added?

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I've already been added, I hope? *looks pleading*

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I still want to be left added, if thats ok *pleadingly smiles*

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sure, i'll be added if you'll add me.

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I'd like to stay :)

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lemme stay lemme stay please? I will be good i promise :o)

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do i get to stay

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Is this for me, too? I'm confused... my impression is that this is for people that come across your LJ and want to be added to your friends list but then your post also says "Friends Only" which says to me it's posted to your friends only? I would like to renew my friendship with Shawna.. is that like renewing a library card? :D Man that's easy.. I've never returned late! Oh wait... :)

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No, I put this at the top of my journal for new people who come across my journal

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I must say that I adore your user name! Might I be added please?

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On a whim, I was just doing a search in "interests" for the phrase "open theist," and your name popped up. Do you, perchance, hold to Open Theism?

In any regard, it's great to see a fellow child of Yeshua here at LJ. :o) Shalom, and God bless the heck outta ya!

In Him,

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Yes I am an open theist :)

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Awesome! Say, I just wrote a big thing on Divine Foreknowledge at my own LJ... I'd love for you to read it and give me your thoughts, when you have time. It is self-admittedly biased toward the Partially Open View, but explains the gist of all four views.

Will you stop by and check it out? It's great to see a fellow Open Viewer! (In fact, I work in a street evangelism ministry here in Denver, and almost all of our members are Open! Plus, we're friends with Bob Enyart, the famous/infamous preacher who also happens to be Open, too.)

In Him,

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Cool! I will have to do so. I studied under Greg Boyd for a few years, who happens to have written on Open Theism. I was also a part of Bethel college during the controversy involving him teaching O. T. and when it hit the Baptist General Conference and the Evangelical Theological Society.

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Oh, btw, I just added you to my friends list in my LJ. :oD

My name is Jim, and I'm in Denver. It's a pleasure!

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I just replied to what you wrote at my LJ... I look forward to your next response. :o)


In Him,

Lemme join

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Well, let's see

My name on Free Dominion is East_York_Kulak, so named for the unfortunate Russian sould who lost their lives to that nightmare that was the USSR
I am presently reading "Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Guy" and loving it. I have read Margaret Thatcher's "On Statecraft", Ann Coulter's "Treason" and several biographies on Mr. Reagan (R.I.P. Ronnie, we will win this one for the Gipper)
One of my proudest moments was when I shook the hand of Conservative provincial leader Mike Harris.
Although I am not American, I regard America in the same light as Mr. Reagan, as a "shining beacon on the hill"
I live in Canada and need contact with sane people. Also, for what it is worth, I am an something of an expert on Stalin (know your enemies)

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I would like to request an invite to join the rwingconspire community. By my journal entries, one can notice that I am an outspoken person on a number of issues and the more I research up on it, the more I know that conservatism is the way to go. It looks like a good community to be a part of so I would like to see if I could join. :)

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You are added :)

I'd like to join

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I'd like to join... I'm into talk radio, get this I live in the Upper Part of Michigan, coming home from work I'll tune in to 890 WLS in Chicago or 1190 WOWO in Fort Wayne, if they come in that is. I listen to Rush, Hannity, Neal Boortz. I've heard Savage and Michael Regan, Laura Ingrham is another good one.... I have another Blog, but I started another blog here at livejournal to gain another perspective on blogging.... Check out my other blog if you like, I scower the News of the day, cut and paste article I find interesting to read so others can enjoy them too, it's kind of like Opinion Journal Best of the Web except without the witty banter.

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Hi :)

I was away on vacation on and off for about a month now...I'm just getting around to my email and such now, so I got your email.

Are you still interested in friending each other again?

[identity profile] 2004-08-04 07:58 pm (UTC)(link)
I would love to!

What have you been up to? Quick update from me: It's been what, a year or so? In that time I got laid off. Phil quit school to work full time so I wouldn't have to (mostly because of my chronic illness and issues from it). I'm getting my masters in Communication. We adopted another baby kitty--Galadriel :) We moved out of the apartment into a townhouse, and things are going fairly well. We are indeed blessed.

Add us :)

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your friends from far away, MrSteve & MrsTeve

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Hello. Your comment, as requested.

i seek your help urgently

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I'm in a christian relationship and we plan to get married in the future. But I seek help for we are going through a difficult patch...again. He is haunted by the one he was with around December. When the haunting returns the time is painful for both of us. He has guilt and hate for himself becasue of it. For me...I've been known to take it out on myself physically for emotional pain eats away at me quite badly, in a way perhaps I cannot describe. He doesn't know I still harm myself, he used to do it himself and if he knew what I've done I know he'll do so much worse to himself.
I seek your help for it seemed to be the right message from the Lord that I was to get that post in my friends option from the community.
Please help

Re: i seek your help urgently

[identity profile] 2004-08-22 03:31 pm (UTC)(link)
It sounds to me as if deliverance needs to happen. From what I hear from you, it sounds like this is a matter of spiritual warfare. Do you have a church that practices deliverance ministry? It is important to find someone with expertise who can lead you in a deliverance session or an ongoing deliverance therapy.

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Hi I would like to join your "vast right wing conspiracy" community.

My name is Lauren, I'll be 18 in two days, and I am a sophomore political science major at a small liberal arts college in PA.

I'm very conservative, and being at a small liberal arts college, I have to find my conservative bonding online...


[identity profile] 2004-09-04 05:24 am (UTC)(link)
Hi, I'm the maintainer over at [ profile] pundits4christ. I was looking at the member settings this morning, and I realized that I FORGOT TO GO IN AND GIVE YOU POSTING ACCESS!

I'm so sorry. This was an oversight on my part.

Please feel free to fully participate in the community. Again, forgive me for my temporary brain damage!


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radiojedi coool do you play this game ???

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